To build your home is to dedicate yourself to a dream, where all the elements come together and benefit from the quality of a natural environment. Special detailed attention went into the planning of the Club-Lac des Sables development, and we want this site to be developed as it should be: with respect for the natural resources and in keeping with a very specific vision.

A real estate development based on superior quality
Club Lac des Sables has architectural guidelines in place to ensure a development of superior quality and to govern the entire project, protecting the value in which you invest and the environmental quality that attracted you in the first place.

Materials for exterior finishing, roofs, windows and doors must be chosen with regard to their quality and longevity, and the finished residence should reflect traditional residential architecture.

For example, exterior finishing should be of wood and/or stone.  Colours must harmonize with the natural environment.  Other elements such as balconies, chimneys, hardware, lighting, and storage facilities also have guidelines to ensure that they are well suited to the residence and the development as a whole.

As well as being attentive to the overall integration of the residences into their environment, residents are requested to ensure ecological and energy-saving choices in their materials selection.  Recycled and non-toxic materials are favoured and energy-saving lighting and appliances are highly recommended.

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Nathalie Doyon - Project Architect
Rondeau Prestige Homes – Builder


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